10 steps to getting your property to market


Many homeowners will feel overwhelmed when it comes to setting up to sell, and many just don’t know where to start. There are a few musts when preparing your property for market.

Tolga has put together his ten-step program to follow, to ensure you get the best return and results.

  1. De-clutter and get organised: Remove all family photos, trinkets and dust collecting items and replace with new cushions, candles and pops of colour.
  2. Refresh: A fresh coat of paint can go a long way. Whether it’s for sale or lease, always go with light tones and steer away from feature walls.
  3. Add some style: Prints are an affordable option that can really give a living space or bedroom a little love and the lift it needs. Don't overspend!
  4. Green your space: Bring the outdoors in. If you can’t manage a plant, fresh flowers will do the trick on inspection day. Or, hire some plants for the duration of the campaign.
  5. Update the outdoors: You don't need to buy new outdoor accessories and furniture, simply give them a fresh coat of lacquer or paint to get them looking fresh and inviting. 
  6. Find the right agent: Do your research – there are some great websites where you can find out which agents specialise in your area and discover which may be the best fit for you. Or ask a friend, neighbour, concierge or family member who they have used in the past!
  7. Decide on the method of sale: Auction, private treaty or off-market. Work with your chosen agent to determine the best option, which will depend on the marketplace, location and timing of sale.
  8. Use a property stylist: A property stylist knows how to make your property feel like a ‘home’ and they have been known to increase property values by up to 10%!
  9. Marketing: Work with your agent to determine what is the best option for you. Options to promote your property include: Print, digital, social media, public relations to traditional mailbox drops!
  10. On the market: On the day, your agent should help you to prepare your home – we follow a 7-step set up including things like turning on lights, tidying up, light candles, ensuring signage is clear and having brochures, reports and contracts ready to go!