3 Reasons Why Tolga Loves Real Estate


With 10 years experience in real estate and property management, Principal of Boutique Property Agents, Tolga Ozer, shares the top 3 reasons why he loves real estate and why he will keep doing it.

WATCH VIDEO NOW - Tolga explains the top 3 reasons why he loves real estate:

1. Helping people achieve their goals

I enjoy building the bridge between someone’s current financial situation and where they want to be in future. There is true gratification to understanding people’s reasons for buying and helping them reach their goals. It is unlikely that a vendor is selling for the cash security or simply to put money into their bank account. I believe there is always an underlying reason why someone wants to buy into the market – and it’s my job to find out what that reason is. 

2. Seeing different properties

I really love seeing different properties. It’s always interesting to see what landlords and vendors have done with their property in terms of renovations and styling. I love walking in and seeing fresh ideas, hearing new information and learning styling tips that I can then recommend to other homeowners.

3. Strong passion for problem solving

Property management is where I started; I spent about 10 years doing this and love every second. Every property manager will tell you that, but the reason I was able to do it for 10 years was because I love problem solving and have a strong passion for helping people kick goals.

There you have it! Tolga’s top 3 reasons why he loves everything about real estate.