Is now the right time to sell?

With the Christmas countdown now on and reports in the media of a market slow-down, many homeowners are asking themselves and us – β€œIs now the right time to sell, or should I wait?”

In our opinion and contrary to reports of prices lowering, the inner-city is and has always been an area that is resilient to overall market trends. In the past month, we have once again broken building records and leased properties at top rates, proving the negative hype to be incorrect, at least in our area. A great example of this is one of our properties that sold off-market at a 20% increase on the sale price from purchase just one year ago, almost to the date.

The festive season and summer holidays definitely have a negative impact on sales at this time of year if they are on-market with a full marketing campaign. However, it is a great time of year to test the waters by opting for an off-market campaign. We can tap into our passive buyer network who historically have generally paid 10-20% more for a property simply because they are purchasing with emotion as they really like the property. In the last financial year, I personally have transacted 42% of my sales off-market. Plus, you save on advertising, marketing and auction expenses!

So, to answer many of you who are asking – yes, it is still a great time to sell in the Sydney City precinct! We are specialists in the area and have a wide network of ready buyers waiting for their next dream home or investment to go live.