Property Tips – Spring Selling Season

Spring has finally started and the weather is definitely heating up. Now is the perfect time for our Principal Tolga Ozer to share his tips and advice on what you need to know about selling in Spring 2018.

You have made the decision to sell your home, so here are our top tips of things to consider when listing your property for sale this spring.

  1. Engage a professional property stylist – They will set the scene for the marketing campaign and create the space to connect with your potential buyers. 
  2. Explore new marketing tools – Online marketing has overtaken the traditional print marketing in this digital age. Did you know almost 8 in 10 Australians use social media? With an average Facebook user spending 10 hours per week on the platform. So, make sure your agent includes social media marketing to promote your property as part of their marketing repertoire. 
  3. Compare agent’s statistics – When it comes to selecting the right agent to sell your property, many look at who is number one in the area and overlook their days on market. its all good and well to get the highest price however if it took you 6 – 12 months to get it then it may have been better to appoint an agent with shorter days on market.


We believe that in the next 6 months we will see the market go through a recovery phase. The more properties that come to the market and achieve great sales results, the more buyer confidence will grow.