Suburb Profile: Barangaroo

Barangaroo is Sydney’s biggest new growth precinct in progress, an evolution of exceptional infrastructure, design and architecture for public spaces and experiences!

Once the area is fully complete with a new Metro station, more than half of Barangaroo will be dedicated public space encompassing continuous Sydney Harbour promenade expansive parklands, plazas and coves. 

Barangaroo is becoming a world of new experiences on the reinvented waterfront of Sydney’s CBD. Hosting events such as arts, culture, food, drinks and tours, this exceptional and award winning design of Barangaroo will create a landmark destination in Sydney.

Design excellence is a guide principle for Barangaroo, meaning not only ensuring exceptional new buildings but also delivering a fabulous public domain as an extension of the city. Barangaroo is committed to being carbon neutral and water positive, to create zero waste emissions and contribute to the overall well being of the community in Sydney. 

Barangaroo is striving to be accessible to all visitors, of all ages, including those with additional mobility requirements. Barangaroo has an overall aim to provide and promote access to and facilitate walking, cycling and active recreation though the design for active living and healthy lifestyles.