Tips for Being a Great Tenant That Landlords Love

Whether it’s buyers, landlords or tenants let’s face it, everyone is going to bump into opposing views, but it’s always best to put in the effort and do those small things that you know will make your landlords happy!

You have made it inside, the furniture looks fantastic and you love the area. Now, here are our 5 top tips for being a great tenant:

  1. To stay in your landlord’s good books, pay your rent on time! Once you get into a routine it will be easier to remember. If you really want to impress your landlord, try paying it in advance, even if it is just a few days before the due date. It will make all the difference; you’ll be one step ahead. 
  2. Treat the property as your own and take care of your rental space. Report any maintenance issues in need of repairs as soon as possible. Don’t wait until it is too late, damages will eat away at your security deposit and it’s better to avoid any out of pocket costs.
  3. Nothing makes a landlord happier than their tenants keeping the place clean and tidy. If you’re a little messy at times, make a routine to clean it once a week. If you need to vacate the property at the last minute, you’ll be ready. Whether it’s open for inspections or private appointments, your landlord will love your thorough organisation.
  4. Many renters think of breaking lease in terms of big things, such as not paying rent on time, but the finer print in your lease agreement matters too. During your tenancy, always abide by the laws of your building and any other small laws outlined by the owner of the property.
  5. If you are applying for a property, go for a long-term lease. It has been proven that a twelve-month lease is always best. Of course you will need to consider the type of property and the suburb the property is located, but the longer the lease, the happier your landlord will be.