The importance of presentation

When it comes to listing your property for sale, there are a number of things you need to take into consideration prior to the photos being taken and the first open for inspection. Here is a simple check list for you to get organised and feel in control of the presentation of your most valuable asset!

  1. Spring clean – even if its not spring. Do a clean up and get rid of unwanted items that look like clutter
  2. Carpets and furnishings – get them steam cleaned, the fresher and cleaner a place looks the more inviting it becomes
  3. Stylist or no stylist – decide if you are going to have the property styled by a professional, rather than doing the entire home you can opt for part styling packages
  4. Personal items – remove all personal items, family photos and trinkets
  5. Flowers – a fresh bunch of flowers on the kitchen bench always gives the room a lift