A solid property campaign can make a huge difference to your sales price and time on the market. Selling in a competitive market means that it’s essential to stand out in the crowd. And here at Boutique Property Agents we will help you do just that.

If you’re thinking of selling in the months ahead, here are five key elements you’ll need to consider when preparing your property campaign with your agent.

Decide on a method of sale

This is a key decision and will impact on the rest of your campaign. Auctions are great if you want to generate some keen competition and have an end date in sight. And here in Sydney, clearance rates are reasonably high. Auctions also create a sense of urgency in buyers – read more about this in our blog on ensuring a great auction day.

If you don’t opt for an auction, you’ll sell by either private treaty or expressions of interest. With a private treaty, you’ll decide on the price you want to sell the home for, and your agent will negotiate with parties on your behalf.

With expression of interest sales, you’ll invite offers from potential buyers within a set time frame, Your agent will then help you negotiate and accept the best offer.

Create a marketing plan for your property campaign

Marketing a property in today’s crowded online environment means knowing who your ideal buyers are and crafting your strategy accordingly. This will mean using the internet and social media channels, as well as traditional avenues such as newspapers, signboards and word-of-mouth.

A marketing plan will include some or all of the following: professional copywriting and photography, a signboard out the front, online advertising on the major real estate platforms and across social media channels, and brochures and dropcards. We also have a database of buyers interested in inner Sydney who we contact directly about upcoming properties.

Style your property for your target market

Most properties need some degree of work before they go on the market. This may mean decluttering, carrying out repairs and sorting out the garden. A fresh coat of paint is never a bad idea, either.

Once the property is in good repair, we think about styling. This is about creating an inviting and neutral space that will appeal to the widest range of buyers. Styling is an important marketing tool in today’s crowded market. The more people like your property, the greater the competition between them. We have professional stylists to call on who to help with a property campaign. We find that any money spent here will often significantly boost the final sales price.

Pricing your property

You will have some idea of how much your property is worth from appraisals and keeping an eye on your local market. Using this knowledge to price your property, with the help of your agent, is the key to a successful sale. As inner Sydney real estate agents, we have access to a huge amount of data around local sales and market trends, and will be able to assist you in coming up with your ideal sales price.

Listening to buyer feedback

Once the property is on the market, we talk to buyers about what they feel the property is worth. We’ll also identify  any buyers who have fallen in love with the property. The property price can rise or fall depending on buyer feedback and competition. So we keep our clients fully informed at all times about the conversations we are having with buyers.

Talk to us

If you are thinking of selling your property this year, feel free to get in touch with any questions you might have around the selling process. We are always happy to advise on market trends, preparing your property for sale, and current buyer interest in your suburb. Please give us a call today!

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