When it comes to selling your home, taking a few professional photos and offering the lowest price on the block isn’t enough to get buyers interested these days, especially in the highly competitive Sydney market. To increase your property value before you sell, your home needs to stand out and command attention. But how can you achieve that?

Well, to start off with, your property needs to be well presented, and be as ready as possible for a new owner to move in! If your property looks outdated, dilapidated, or doesn’t have a proper functioning bathroom, kitchen, or laundry, you’re likely to have trouble when it comes to selling your home. Sure, some buyers won’t mind a fixer-upper, but many buyers won’t want to move into a home they need to redo. It’s also difficult for buyers to spot a home’s potential when it is lying in disarray!

Keep reading to get the best-kept selling secrets of how to increase your property value and maximise the sale price of your home.

 1. Open Up Space

Space is so desirable in property, but particularly in the Sydney market, where the price of property in certain areas often forces homebuyers to settle for more humble residences than they would like.

Therefore, the more you can do to open up space (or just create the appearance of it!) the better. Instead of boxing areas in, use smaller furniture arranged in an open configuration. If you need to, you could even consider knocking down walls to create a more open living area, or to connect the kitchen to the bathroom. Be sure to consult a professional before you whip out the sledgehammer, though!

2. Increase Square Footage

If you really want to increase your property value, it makes sense to try to increase the square footage of your home. Consider whether you could convert an attic into a bedroom, or add a home gym or workstation to a large garage. Or, if you have a large outdoor area, perhaps you could extend the patio or add a deck for entertaining.

3. Light it Up

So often, aspiring sellers neglect lighting, but it can make a huge difference when you want to increase your property value and sell your home faster. If your light fittings are looking a little dated, spruce them up by adding energy-efficient modern lights. For apartments, add more lighting to help your spaces look bright, airy, and enticing.

For houses, don’t neglect outdoor lights! Time-poor buyers that are driving by after hours or living in the local area might be enticed to buy when they see the beautiful glow lighting up your property.

4. Demonstrate Functionality

Prospective buyers want to know that any property they’re buying is highly functional. Clever styling can help buyers understand the potential of each room within a property. This is particularly important in small units.

Ideally, you want every single inch of space to be liveable, with a clear function. You should never have a random junk room or a neglected corner, or buyers will see it as wasted space. Add functionality by adding:

  • A window seat
  • A built-in desk
  • Stools against the kitchen island
  • A balcony bar table
  • An office in a sunroom

If you can show that your property is versatile and functional, it will appeal to more buyers, meaning you’ll be able to sell your home faster.

5. Get an Agent’s Opinion

Finally, if you’re all out of ideas but you know you can still increase your property value, contact the professionals. Get an agent to walk through your home with you. They can start with a valuation, but they can also give you helpful suggestions on how to maximise the sale price of your home. They’ll also understand what buyers are looking for in your particular area.

You might think you need to appeal to growing families and stage your property with a nursery, when, in fact, your area has a lot of younger singles or couples who are looking for homes with entertaining space or home offices.

If you’re ready to increase your property value or need to sell your home fast, we’re here to help. Contact us today for a well-considered valuation and customised advice on how to boost your property value. Or, browse our recent articles for more information on selling your home.

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