Your balcony is an extension of your home and, therefore, an extension of who you are. But small balcony decorating can prove tricky! Our list of small balcony decorating ideas utilise tiny tweaks that, combined, can create a whole fresh new look in your home!

In a small home or apartment, every single inch of space should be used. You’ll be surprised how transforming your small balcony can make your spaces far more liveable. With these inspirational small balcony decorating ideas, you’ll have great fun achieving a new look for your balcony that will get you outside from winter through to spring.

From pastel colours and earthy tones to floral accents and bright new patterns, get ready to implement these small balcony decorating ideas this season. It’s time to freshen up your spaces!

1. Incorporate fresh flowers and vibrant colour

Give your space a harmonious feel by creating a fresh and natural look within your home. From daffodils to daisies, a natural theme is perfect for any season. Even a splash of vibrant colour on an all-white balcony will amp up the freshness. Opting for metal furniture in lively primary colours will create an uplifting look for a small balcony.

Another way to increase the feeling of freshness is to add potted flowers or plants. Never underestimate a bit of flower power to liven up your living spaces! You can either place these pots in a line on the floor or hang them to create flower chandeliers and give you more room to move! This will extend the natural feel throughout the extended living space.

2. Add green texture

The key to success for a small balcony is adding a lot of texture while keeping the colour palette neutral. You don’t want to have crazy amounts of colour and pattern happening, as this can feel crowded – and can be a little hard to look at!

You can never go wrong with planted pots or pots of flowers. Think colourful flowers, simple greens, cactus or succulents, or even herbs. Or, try a vertical garden if you’re really short on space.

3. Decorate with bold colour and texture

Your small balcony decorating ideas don’t have to all be about adding a multitude of different pieces. After all, you don’t want to crowd your spaces. Instead, it’s all about clever style choices.

Continue the textural theme by opting for throw pillows on the balcony area or even well-chosen floor pillows. These will add comfort, allowing you to enjoy your spaces all year long.

Increase the vibrancy with colourful cushions and throw rugs. Work these elements into your small balcony décor seamlessly by choosing one base colour and integrating it throughout the balcony. Muted pastel tones and light, earthy neutral colours have picked up plenty of momentum lately.

4. Increase the mood lighting

Lighting is the perfect way to dress up your small balcony for a get-together or an intimate dinner for two. Simply wrap a set of outdoor string lights in between the bars of your balcony, hang them on the balcony wall, or place them in a jar for a portable lamp that can be used both indoors and out.

You could also install a rope-lamp or a quirky rope chandelier made of natural materials that will fit into any decor style – be it minimalist, maximalist, or anywhere in between. The lights will help your space feel magical any time of year!

5. Accessorise with a swing chair

If you are someone who loves to spend a lot of time on your balcony, then you certainly have to make it a calming place. A swing chair is effortlessly practical and gives off a soothing coastal vibe to your small balcony. You could add one on either end of your balcony or include smaller stools to accompany one swing chair.

Just remember; keep it simple! Add only a couple of pieces of furniture alongside a few decorative items to create a fabulous small outdoor space.

Are you ready to take your spot on the balcony, kick back, and relax while taking in the fresh air? Stop thinking of your balcony as entirely separate from your home. We hope these small balcony decorating ideas inspired you to transform the look of your outdoor spaces!

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