A sunny window or one with a beautiful view is worth emphasising and enjoying every day. But unlike other design elements, such as furniture or paint colours, it can be hard to know where to start with your windows. Interior designers assure us that paying some attention to those bare windows is a sure way to make a room look ‘pulled together’.

Read on for five easy ways to make the most of your windows.

Think about light and temperature first

When choosing your window treatment, it’s always worth thinking about the climate and light conditions first. This is particularly important with sunny west-facing windows, which can quickly heat up the room if you don’t block the light in some way. External remote-controlled blinds aren’t cheap, but can make a huge difference to comfort levels and air-conditioning bills if you have west-facing window. Blinds or curtains will also reduce heat gain on hot days.

Conversely, in winter you want to let light and retain heat, so draft-proof your windows, open up your blinds on sunny days, and use thick curtains to hold heat inside. Pelmets above your window will also trap warmth and save on heating costs.

Blackout blinds are great for bedrooms if you are disturbed by early morning light.

Fill your windows with plants

If the view from your window is less-than-lovely, or you’d like a bit of privacy but still be able to look out, add plants. Attach some hooks above your window and hang woven pot holders for indoor plants., then fill them up with greenery. Trailing varieties, such as chain-of-hearts and soft ferns, will work well. A sunny window is also a great spot to start off some seedlings in a sheltered, warm spot before planting them outside, and to grow potted herbs for cooking.

Place your table up against the window

If you have a lovely window, make the most of it by turning it into a seating area. Find an appropriately sized table and chairs to fit the space and enjoy your morning coffee or evening meal with lots of natural light and a beautiful view. A built-in window seat with storage is another great use of this light-filled space.

Create a workspace or reading nook

By extending the windowsill with a built-in table, you can make a workspace with a view – great if you need lots of natural light when you work. Or, take advantage of the ample light by tucking a comfortable armchair into the space and adding some low bookcases beneath the window, and perhaps a small table, for hours of easy reading. Another great look is to build some bookcases around the window.

Make your windows a feature

Your windows can become more of a feature if you want them to. Paint the frames in a bright shade – perhaps acid yellow or dark pink – to add a pop of colour. Or add some timber reveals to ‘frame’ the windows. Painting the walls around a window in a dramatic colour, vintage such as black or dark grey, will emphasise the view beyond.

Curtains will also make a big difference to a window. Try simple ceiling-to-floor curtains to add a feeling of height and elegance. Filmy white curtains provide privacy and can soften the light coming in during the day. Or make them a feature – look for vintage curtains on eBay, or add some texture with velvety fabric in a rich colour like dark red, mustard or navy.

Window coverings run the gamut of very expensive to budget – you can have custom made blinds and curtains, where someone measures your windows and provides you with a quote.

Or, if you’re on a budget, IKEA has a good range of blinds, curtain rods and curtains, with the option to cut them to fit your windows.

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