As the seasons change, embracing summer decorating is a must! You’ll be amazed at what a difference it makes when you switch out heavy winter fabrics and colours with joyful summery tones and light-as-a-feather materials.

Clearing out the clutter can improve your mood and prep your home for the silly season, which should be better than ever considering the year that was! Get our top summer decorating tips and prepare your home for summer and the beginning of a fantastic year.

Here’s how to whip your home into shape and embrace decorating for summer.

1. Create outdoor zones

Summer decorating is all about building a glorious indoor/outdoor flow, which will let light and air flood into your spaces. Embracing the outdoors is about making it comfortable. Install cosy outdoor furniture that will stand the test of time against all kinds of weather. After that, add blankets, pillows and outdoor lighting to make your spaces more inviting.

If you’re looking to sell your home, creating these zones will help prospective buyers realise just how usable each space in your home is, especially if you have a small home. Just don’t add oversized furniture in, say, a small apartment balcony, as this can make your space look too small. You should size your apartment décor appropriately to reflect the space, and try to opt for lighter colours to make spaces appear larger. Check Pinterest for more outdoor decorating ideas.

2. Add pops of colour

Next, add colour! Colour is crucial when it comes to summer decorating. From pure white and natural neutrals to bold neon pops of colour or bright reds and florals, the colour will help your spaces scream summer from the rooftops! If you’re not keen on adding colour all year round, invest in affordable cushions, light summer throws for evenings and affordable wall art. If you prefer a seasonal colour palette you can then simply swap these out in winter.

3. Keep it light

Your summer decorating should feel like a coastal summer breeze, with light fabrics, long white curtains, feather-light bedspreads and plenty of sunshine!

Above all, when decorating for summer, clear out the clutter! Move any furniture that boxes in your rooms or obscures the light. You’ll be amazed at the difference this can make. Add additional lights at night and plenty of candles for an added glow. String lights in a glass jar can be perfect for apartment decorating because they’re so mobile. They’re a super-easy and affordable way to move light from room to room, or even outside.

4. Embrace nature

In summer we embrace the natural world. This can help your spaces feel much fresher and more inviting. When summer decorating, incorporate plenty of greenery and flowers into your spaces. Alternatively, get creative by adding shells and sea grasses.

The best part? You can collect some of this straight from the natural world! Grab some shells or sea grass on your next coastal day trip. Hang the grass outside to dry it out. As a result, it can look surprisingly chic placed in a tall white vase. Hello, summer!

Failing that, natural materials like cane or wooden furniture with white textiles can bring a natural feel to your spaces and soften monochrome rooms.

5. Find summery scents

Engage all your senses with summery scents. Add candles or diffusers in floral or citrus scents. Summer decorating is all about setting the scene for relaxation, and candles will do that, helping your spaces feel light and breezy. Plus, if you’re trying to sell your home, they’ll be like a breath of fresh air in your spaces!

For more summer decorating tips and styling advice, browse more of our blogs.

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