There are more than 400 garage sales taking place across Sydney on Garage Sale Trail weekend, which takes place this year on 19 and 20 October. You still have time to join in and organise your own sale. Or you can book a table at one being held in your area. Visit the website to find one near you or register your own.

If you’re planning on putting your home on the market, even more reason to join in. This weekend is a once-a-year opportunity to make the most of all those people out bargain hunting, and sell what you no longer need. As we always tell our clients, when you sell your home it needs to look like a blank canvas. Decluttering is the best way to achieve that look. A garage sale is a great way to focus your mind as you go through all those boxes and dark cupboards and dig out things you no longer need or use.

What’s more, passing on what you no longer need is an easy way to reuse items rather than send them to landfill. This year, 400,000 Australians are expected to take part in the Garage Sale Trail. This will save some three million kilos of stuff from landfill! Sellers also meet an average of 44 of their neighbours while hosting a sale. So it’s a great way to feel a part of your community, too.

Read on to find out how to host a successful garage sale, particularly if you are moving soon.

How to prepare for a successful garage sale

Sign up for the Garage Sale Trail in advance. This will mean shoppers will be able to plan their route to take in your sale. A few local signs and a post on your social media accounts will also direct people to your door. Giving your sale a catchy title will also attract interest. When you sign up to the Garage Sale Trail, you’ll get an advertisement on their site that you can share with family and friends, too, as well as posters you can download and print. Be sure to highlight anything unique that you are selling, too.

Go through your belongings, and make sure they are clean and neatly displayed. Clothes should be washed and ideally ironed. All household items should be clean, and toys should be in good working order.

Be sure to price everything. Price tags make it easier for people to decide to buy something. They also save everyone the embarrassment of having to bargain. A one-dollar basket is great for books, small household items and toys. Ideally, you want things to sell and you may get better results with low pricing. Buy five get one free is another way to clear more of your stock.

If you don’t feel you have enough to sell, consider teaming up with a neighbour so you can offer a greater range for shoppers.

On the day

Arrange your stall and ensure everything is attractively displayed and easy to access for shoppers. Use baskets, tables and hanging rails so people can rummage. You can also consider setting up a change room if you have lots of clothes to sell. Make it all as easy and pleasurable to sort through as possible, and ensure that your best items are clearly displayed.

Prepare a float. There’s nothing worse than having someone pay with a note and not being able to break it. Organise a float of coins and notes in advance.

Customer service is key. Be friendly and talk to people about what you’re selling so they are more inclined to buy. It’s also helpful to have a few boxes and bags handy for customers.

Talk to us

Have you held a garage sale? Any tips or stories? Please feel free to share in the comments, and get in touch with us if you are thinking of putting your Sydney home on the market and would like a no-obligation chat.

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