As a new decade looms, we thought we’d take a look at upcoming interior design trends. If you’ve just moved into your apartment, or want some new ideas for updating your interiors, here’s what the experts are predicting for our homes.

Comfort over cool

The 2000s were all about cool, minimalist interiors, the more pared-back the better. The trouble was that they weren’t always particularly inviting for the people who had to live in them.

All that white space! All those bare surfaces! If you found it all a bit too clinical, you’ll be happy to hear we’ve moved on. What interior designers are seeing now is a return to colour, luxury and comfort, with plush floor rugs, rich colours and huge sofas for lounging around on (maybe the rise of Netflix has something to answer for here, too).

This design trend towards comfort may also be related to how much time we spend staring at screens. A revival of plush fabrics, soft lighting and soothing interiors is about getting us back into our bodies and off our smartphones.

If you have embraced the minimalist look, it’s easy enough to update your home. Just add a fluffy rug and some velvety oversized cushions in warm shades for instant cosiness. Floral or animal prints (or both on the same item) are another trend to watch, and easy enough to incorporate with a few purchases.

A seventies aesthetic with a vintage twist

We’re also seeing a move towards more nostalgic and eclectic interiors. The idea here is to haunt second-hand shops, charity shops and markets and pick things you love. And there’s an emphasis on natural materials such as baskets, rattan and linen.

Old framed posters and botanical prints are also popular. And we’ll be seeing more corduroy and suede furniture—another nod to the 1970s.

A personal touch

Thank Marie Kondo, but we’re all familiar with the concept of keeping only things that ‘spark joy.’ This might mean photos, artwork and precious trinkets that you have been given or collected on your travels. So while minimalism hasn’t gone away completely, and decluttering is as popular as ever, the idea is to use and display what you really love. This gives your home a more personal and individual look.

This also extends to where we buy things. An emerging trend is to seek out small, local designers who produce personal, often sustainable items rather than buying mass-produced products from chain stories. The rise of local Buy Nothing groups and the sharing economy is also influencing our style. Here, we come across one-off items and bring them into our homes.

Wellbeing as a design trend

A new passion for wellbeing ties in with the general theme of wanting our homes to be sanctuaries and getting away from the impersonal world of technology, flickering screens and self-service checkouts.

Bathrooms are no longer white and clinical, but are now looking far more luxurious, thanks to dark tiles and vanity ware, scented candles and soft towels. Bedrooms are just as sumptuous, with lots of cushions, thick woven rugs, and vintage lamps.

Rich colours

Deep yellows, navy blue velvets and greens of all shades are some of the colours we can look forward to, often all at once. Patterned or textured wall coverings are another emerging trend, sometimes extending to the ceiling!

Understated glamour can be seen in Art Deco-inspired furnishings with rounded edges and finishes of brass or marble. Interior designers are also seeing a move away from ‘millennial pink’ as it was known, towards anything green. Tones range from pale mint to dark forest shades. And the trend for lots of indoor plants isn’t going away anytime soon!

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