Selling a property is a big decision. And achieving a successful property sale will take up your time and energy right up until settlement. Once you decide to sell, you need to start viewing your property as a product. To get the best possible result you will need to stay focused and work closely with your agent. We’ve put together five tips for selling your home fast in the current market.

1. Be decisive about your property sale

Once you’ve weighed up your options and decided a property sale is the best move for you, commit to the process. Expect some disruption and uncertainty and manage the rest of your life accordingly, particularly if it’s your own home.

Think about how you will manage the added stress of open homes and additional viewings. Ideally, you will have carried out all repairs and given your property a thorough clean and declutter prior to launching it on the market. This will mean that once it goes on sale, you just need to clean up between viewings.

2. Find a proactive and helpful agent

In a buyer’s market, it’s tempting to try and sell your home yourself to save on agent’s fees. But bear in mind that agents are also skilled negotiators and earn their commission by achieving a higher property sale price on your behalf.

A good agent won’t just list your property as it is, unless you are seeking a quick sale. He or she will also advise you of everything you need to do to generate interest from the right buyers and maximise your sale price. Here at Boutique Property Agents, we will leverage our supply chain and valued relationships with excellent tradespeople to get a property ready for sale. We are also happy to project manage minor repairs and renovations, organise window cleaning and any other work, and have the property styled, if necessary.

Most buyers want to simply unpack and get on with their lives. Ensuring all those fiddly jobs have been done for them will greatly increase your home’s appeal.

3. Organise your solicitor, mortgage broker and surveyor

As well as a good agent, you may need a mortgage broker to arrange finance for your next home, and a solicitor to oversee settlement. We can connect you with professionals we know and have worked with before to make the entire process seamless.

4. Come up with a property sales plan

A good agent will come up with a tailored plan for your property to generate lots of interest in the right buyers. This will include online listings, targeted marketing and the timings of open homes, all in consultation with you to ensure it meets your budget and needs. You’ll also need to choose between an auction or a private treaty sale.

5. Be flexible

No one knows how long a property sale will take, or how much it will sell for. At the moment, buyers often want a bargain. Also, some sellers are not budging on price, which means homes are staying on the market a little longer.

In the current market, a sky-high dream price is rare. But if you are also buying, things should even out with a lower purchase price for your new home. With all these factors at play, it’s important to be flexible and realistic about making a sale in the current market. However, once you have priced the property correctly, it will sell.

On this note, it’s also worth allowing interested buyers second viewings or room to negotiate, if possible. Ensure your home is reasonably clean and tidy at all times to make short-notice viewings less disruptive and consider hiring a short-term cleaning service, if you don’t have time yourself.

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