Have you been looking to decorate your apartment but you’ve only got a limited budget or a short time frame? Perhaps you’re having friends over or you’re selling in a hurry. Either way, if you’re researching how to decorate your apartment fast, we’ve got the perfect ideas to help.

You don’t need to break the bank when it comes to deciding how to decorate your apartment. While structural modifications can be important in some cases, sometimes all that is needed is a fresh coat of paint and a few carefully-curated pieces to utterly transform your spaces.

Decorate your apartment with these tips

Read on for our top advice on how to decorate your apartment in just one day!

Sticker over unsightly floors

If you’re looking for a short-term fix for ugly flooring, there are a few solutions you can explore. Cover up unattractive flooring with rugs or floor stickers to give them a fresh look. Multiple rugs layered over one another can create an eclectic or bohemian-style look.

Alternatively use floor stickers on kitchen or bathroom floors; these can look very realistic when done well. Look for simple, solid colours or bold designs and be careful when laying them down to get a perfect finish.

Upgrade tap fittings

Old or broken tap fittings not only look bad, but if they’re not fitted properly, they can leak or be difficult to use. Upgrade your fittings but aim to keep them all consistent, whether you’re going for modern matte black styles, shiny chrome or vintage-look brass fittings. While you’re at it, you could install shower savers or a water filter in the kitchen. These features can help sell your home or make your life easier if you’re planning on staying in your apartment for a while.

Add plants

A little greenery here and there can brighten up a dull space, particularly if you live in a concrete jungle or a very monochrome space. Plants can be styled in the bathroom, on balconies, in the kitchen or on spare shelf space or floating shelving.

If you don’t have a good track record keeping plants alive, opt for low-maintenance varieties, or there are a range of very realistic fake plants out there, as well as beautiful dried flowers. If you’re on a low budget, you can even browse your local neighbourhood in search of ferns and flowers. Once dried, they look chic in a tall white pot.

Hang wall art

Wall art is the ideal low-cost option when you’re thinking about how to decorate your apartment. By adding removable hooks, you can even decorate a rental or a property you’ll later sell. Choosing wall art that is already framed makes the whole process easier, or choose wrapped canvas prints for a more classic look. If you’re looking to sell your property, don’t add family photos. Instead, choose wall art that will appeal to the masses; landscapes, modern geometric designs, abstract art or seascapes.

Add rugs

If you want to decorate your apartment quickly, rugs are the way to go. They can serve to either connect your spaces or separate them. Use large area rugs to create separate “zones” in open-plan living areas and separate areas for entertaining, working or dining. This can be perfect for where you’re trying to make a room more versatile. Similarly, rugs can create a seamless transition between two spaces, such as an entranceway and the living area.

Upgrade your storage

When it comes to ways to decorate your apartment, this can also incorporate what you don’t display rather than what you do. Proper storage is key to a clutter-free apartment that is still able to fit all your belongings. It can also be beneficial when you’re selling your property and need to stow away clutter before inspections. You can add storage in a myriad of places. Purchase under-bed draws and hanging shoe racks or add storage pockets on the back of doors. Purchase ottomans and couches with in-built storage so you can stash blankets and throws.

Disguise an outdated countertop

If your kitchen countertop is an eyesore, try using contact paper to cover your benches. It can be purchased cheaply from Amazon and is the perfect way to change the look of your whole kitchen. Be careful around taps and other tricky areas of the countertop; once laid, contact paper can be hard to remove. Be sure to smooth out any bumps or bubbles to finish.

Paint, paint, paint!

When considering creative ways to decorate your apartment, think outside the box. While painting the walls is an obvious choice, consider what else you could paint. You can purchase tile pant at an affordable price, which can cover unsightly tiles in the kitchen or bathroom, extending the need for a full bathroom renovation for at least a few years. You could even paint furniture or wood-framed mirrors to create a fresh look. Paint them in white or add a pop of pastel-coloured paint for a fun look or for kid’s rooms.

If you’re preparing your apartment for sale, it’s a great idea to decorate your apartment beforehand as well as cleaning and de-cluttering. You may want to even add furniture. If so, select versatile pieces that can either be re-sold or taken with you to a new home.

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