Moving to a new home always has its challenges. The moving day arrives and we find there are countless details we’ve missed; the couch is too small for your new living room, the fridge doesn’t fit in your new kitchen, or you discover a treasure trove of mystery boxes in the garage that need to be sorted. Learning how to move homes efficiently can save you time, money and countless headaches (or backaches).

With just a little preparation and forward planning, you can take the stress out of moving, whether you’re packing, decluttering, upsizing or downsizing. Get our top tips on how to move homes efficiently for a seamless, stress-free move.

Declutter your home

Purging your home of clutter is not only incredibly satisfying, it will save your life come moving day. Start decluttering at least a few weeks out from your move so you have adequate time to organise your belongings.

Sort through each room systematically, determine what you will sell, throw out, donate or pack to be moved. Consider getting rid of novels that you’ve already read, old DVDs, unused clothes, jewellery, shoes, and any other miscellaneous belongings you no longer use. If you have items you haven’t used for a year or more, now could be the time to bid them adieu!

Try to use up all the items in your pantry and fridge in the week prior to moving so you won’t have to take it all with you. Stop buying any new fresh food to avoid having to throw anything out.

Preparation is key

Knowing how to move homes efficiently is all about preparation. Set moving tasks for each day, whether that’s booking the movers, collecting boxes, or organising a cleaner.

Have all the essential moving supplies ready for the day; boxes, bags, packing tape, scissors, packing dividers, zip-lock bags, markers for labelling and plastic protectors or old sheets to protect mattresses. Be sure to have bubble wrap, towels or paper to protect valuables.

It sounds nerdy, but the key to knowing how to move homes efficiently lies in labelling and list-making! The more detail you use on your boxes, the better. Or, you could use a numbered system when labelling. Add the room name on the box; say, “kitchen”, then add a number. Write down the number separately and include the contents of the box in your phone. Apps like Sortly or Wunderlist are great for this purpose.

Pack an essentials bag

Pack all your essentials in the one overnight bag or suitcase. Your essentials bag should include things like toiletries, essential clothing, bottled water, a couple of snacks, a torch and all the necessary chargers you’ll need for your devices.

This will mean that if you get too tired to start unpacking on the first day (or two!) of your move, you won’t need to start sifting through boxes at random to find what you need.


Before you move, call your electricity provider, gas company, internet provider and notify them you’ll be moving. The last thing you want is to move into a home with no electricity! Change your address so your mail will be redirected.

Adjusting to a new space

Downsizing or even upsizing can bring challenges of its own. For upsizers, new furniture will probably need to be purchased. It’d better to asses this before you move! Check the room measurements for your new home in comparison to your current spaces and try to think realistically about what you’ll need for each room; you don’t want your spaces to be too crowded, but you also want to ensure they don’t look too empty. Order your new furniture to be delivered the week of your move.

For downsizers, again, assess the size of each room and the furniture required. If you’re moving into an apartment from a house, consider smarter furniture with in-built storage. Invest in ottomans with hidden storage compartments or beds with extra shelving underneath. Think of the plus side of this; now you can start fresh and get rid of old furniture you never use.


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