If you are living overseas and need to sell a Sydney property – your home, an investment property or a deceased estate – we can make the whole process much easier.

Here at Boutique Property Agents, we have helped many clients sell a property from afar. We pride ourselves on offering an excellent, personalised real estate service wherever our clients may be.

Tips for a smooth sale from overseas

To sell from overseas, you first need to appoint an agent.

Ideally, you want an agent who is familiar with the area and current market trends. Once you have found a shortlist, you’ll need to let them have a look at the property.

If you choose Boutique Property Agents, these are the next steps:

For a tenanted property, we can visit at a time suitable to your tenants. Otherwise, if the property is empty and there are keys available, we will visit as soon as possible. We can also offer our thoughts and a rough appraisal without visiting the property. You’ll just need to provide us with photos, the address, and any other relevant information.

Preparing the property for sale

Once we have access to your property, we can arrange for any repair work and cleaning to be done by our trusted contractors. We can also arrange for styling, including furniture, if that’s what you choose, and marketing materials. These may include professional photography, a floor plan, brochures and a strong online presence. If your property is tenanted, we can arrange viewings directly with the tenant.

Many buyers will be interested in a property with a paying tenant already in place. So don’t feel you have to give your tenants notice if you decide to sell. At Boutique Property Agents, we find it important to have open lines of communication with tenants, and will ensure they are kept informed of viewings well in advance. If you are lucky, they may even decide to buy it themselves.

After the property has launched onto the market, viewings and open homes will take place as required. We have a database of buyers who we will also contact, along with advertising the home to the wider market.

Throughout the selling process

Regular communication is the key to a smooth property sale, wherever our client is located. We always provide regular updates about the progress of the sale, including buyer feedback and any offers that come in.

Once we start to receive offers, we can move into the negotiating phase, keeping you informed along the way.

After sales service

This is a key part of any sale, and with our overseas clients we are happy to handle administration, key handovers and buyer liaison including final inspections. Our office team will keep you fully across all requirements for documents and signatures.

Know your tax responsibilities when selling property from overseas

If you sell a property while living overseas, you will need to pay capital gains tax on any profit you make. If your property sells for more than $750,000, this tax is payable immediately, it’s paid by the buyer directly to the Australian Tax Office. The buyer pays 12.5% of the sales price directly to the ATO, and the seller then receives some or all of it back once they have completed an Australian tax return and declared their capital gain or loss.

You should also check the latest rules around main resident exemption to capital gains tax when living overseas. These tend to change periodically. The ATO website will have the most up-to-date guidelines about selling property from overseas. Your accountant will also be able to guide you here.

Talk to us

If you are currently living overseas and need to sell your Sydney property, Boutique Property Agents are happy to help. Please give us a call or drop us an email telling us about your situation.

If you are thinking of moving overseas and are considering selling a property before you go, we are also happy to help you with any questions.

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