If you are looking to sell your Sydney property, you will naturally wonder when is the best time of year to sell. Property sales take place almost year-round these days, especially with stock levels at a historic low and buyers keen to find their new home or investment property.

Having said that, there are still some timing issues around when to put your home on the market, and factors to bear in mind if you are planning to sell in the next twelve months.

Read on for some thoughts on how different times work when selling a Sydney property.

The surprise benefits of a January sale

Although the market used to grind to a halt after Christmas, this is no longer a certainty. People are always looking for homes online. This means post-Christmas can be an interesting time to launch a property. Or you may finally secure a sale for one that’s been on the market for a while.

And yes, there are still buyers about at the start of the year. While many people who live in Sydney are away for the summer holidays, you also see a lot of visitors to the city, some looking to buy.

Plus, listing in January means you’ll get last-minute buyers who may have missed out on a pre-Christmas purchase, but are still hoping to get settled for the new year.

For many Sydney families who take time off in the school holidays, a bit of house-hunting with the kids may lead to a sale. If your home is very summery, with a pool or a beautiful alfresco area, for example, you can emphasise those points on a hot day much more easily than in the middle of winter! So don’t rule out a January sale.

Sell your Sydney property in late summer and autumn

This can be a good time to hit the ground running. You’ll benefit from beautiful light and cooler days if your home is very hot in summer, or gets lots of strong western light. Plus, people who missed out before Christmas will now be returning to house-hunting.

Is a winter sale a good idea?

If you have a lovely winter home, with a fireplace or winter light, this is a good time to consider your sale. You’ll be competing against fewer sellers, so your home will really stand out.

Having said that, many people are often deep in work and school commitments through the winter. These buyers don’t really start looking to buy until spring. If you don’t find a winter buyer, you may notice more appear once the weather starts to warm up.

Selling with the market in spring

Spring is a perennially popular time to sell, and it’s no wonder. People are out and about more, feeling optimistic and making plans for the new year. Gardens are looking beautiful. And there’s plenty of time to get your sale complete and your new owners moving in before Christmas and the following school year, particularly if you launch early. This is a great time for sellers.

Selling in spring also gives you time to prepare your home during the first eight months of the year.

Times to avoid

School holidays aren’t an ideal time to sell, particularly if you are selling at auction. You don’t want to miss out on the perfect buyer who booked their family holiday to Queensland months ago. Having said that, if they are really keen they will arrange for a buyers’ agent to represent them on the day. So this isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker if you have to sell.

Big sporting events are another no-no. And this is something we always keep in mind when mapping out a property campaign or auction date.

Launching just before Christmas can mean you miss out on that first rush of interested buyers. But they may turn up after Christmas!

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