If you are thinking of refurbishing to sell, you need to be strategic. There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, a poorly presented home will encourage lowball offers. Secondly, a home that needs immediate work will deter those buyers who want to simply unpack their boxes and get on with their lives. So some light renovating to sell is a good idea.

However, you don’t want to go overboard when you are leaving a property—save all that energy for your next home! Here are five easy things you can do when refurbishing to sell that will to ensure your home looks fantastic to buyers, without draining your bank account and energy resources. As always, cleaning and decluttering are hugely important.

A fresh coat of paint

If you are going to do one thing before selling your home, give it a fresh coat of paint. There is nothing better than spotlessly clean walls (preferably in a light, neutral shade throughout) to make your home look market ready.

New carpets and flooring

Stained, sticky carpets and flooring are a definite turn-off to buyers, so once you have painted, consider replacing your floor coverings, too. Here again, something of mid-range quality in neutral shades is going to please a majority of buyers. It doesn’t have to be top-range—if buyers want that they can always add it later. But it does give the impression of a well-maintained and clean home.

Light kitchen & bathroom refurbishment

Buyers will always be drawn to fresh, modernised kitchens and bathrooms. While you don’t want to rip everything out and start again, there are some quick fixes that will make a huge difference to the look of these key areas.

  • For kitchens, consider replacing cupboard doors and benchtops. Get your kitchen sorted before your bathroom, as this will make a bigger impression on buyers.
  • Retile your splashbacks if they are stained or dated.
  • For bathrooms, consider replacing your toilet or vanity if they are very old.
  • Fresh tiling can make a huge difference, or if that’s not possible, regrouting or repainting your tiles can also make a big difference.
  • Update towel rails if necessary.
  • Replace shower curtains or screens if they are dated.

Work on your first impression

The moment your potential buyer walks into your property is one you want to make the most of. In fact, many buyers will make up their mind within 30 seconds of entering. So ensure the entry in particular is immaculate, with a hall table and welcoming foyer area. And check your apartment number is clearly visible and the property itself is easily accessible – finding and getting into the apartment should not be a difficult task for buyers.

Fixtures – lights, taps, light switches etc.

Fixtures are another detail that you can replace without too much time or money. This can include tapware in the kitchen and bathrooms, light switches and lights, and handles on cupboards and doors.

Talk to us about refurbishing to sell

Remember, you are not making these improvements to enjoy them yourself, so refurbishing to sell should be done with your head, not your heart. When you are selling, home improvements are a financial decision. This means you need to tread carefully and not go overboard. What you want is for your home to be competitive and in line with what buyers are looking for in your market. Read our blog on golden rules for renovation for more helpful suggestions.

For this reason, it’s always worth getting a valuation on your home from a local agent before making any changes, so you can avoid overcapitalising.

If you are thinking of putting your home on the market and want to check in with a professional about what you should and shouldn’t worry about, please give us a call. We know what buyers in inner Sydney are willing to pay. And we can advise you on the refurbishments that will benefit your sale.

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