The holidays have always had the ability to cause a stir in the property market. For some, summer can be the perfect time to sell your property, and can shine your home in the best light; literally! On the other hand, it is a busier sales period, which may make it more competitive in some areas.

Why You Should Sell Your Home Before Christmas

No matter what the market is doing, the decision to sell your home should never be entered into lightly. Selling your home is highly personal. First and foremost, you should take into consideration your financial situation, your personal circumstances and what you intend to do with your capital once you sell your home.

As this is a busier time of year for real estate agents, if you’re investigating whether selling your home at Christmas is a good idea, it’s best to be prepared. Ensure you’ve found the right agent that is suited to your needs and make sure they’ll be available to help you when you need them.

So, why is selling your home at Christmas a good idea?

The market peaks in the spring

Spring has always traditionally been a hot time in the property market, especially in Australia. In fact, the number of property sales in Australia peaks around November each year, but drops off towards the end of December, leaving only a short window for you to sell. This year, buyer demand is high, so you still have time to sell before Christmas! In addition, many people will be taking time off in this period and will be more freely available to attend inspections.

Further, the market continues to stay soft well into the end of January. So by concluding your sale before Christmas, you’re at a decided advantage. Not to mention you’ll have peace of mind over the holiday period!

If your property remains unoccupied in this time, there will be a large gap waiting to sell again in early February. In this time, you may need to continue to cover the rent or expenses on your property.

You’ll benefit from current market conditions

Selling your home before Christmas means you won’t be subject to any other factors which may change in the subsequent period between Christmas and the start of February.

This is quite a lengthy period, and in the current climate, things can change quickly. Selling sooner rather than later ensures you don’t suffer from any unexpected market conditions that don’t suit your circumstances.

Spring can show your home to its best advantage

For some homeowners in particular, spring and summer can show your home in the best light. Your home will look much more pleasant with sun streaming in the windows, and the extra light may also help your home appear larger and airier.

This is the perfect time to sell homes by the harbour or with a beachside culture. So, if your home has water views or is located by the beach, summer could be the ideal time for you to sell!

If you’re thinking about selling your home before Christmas, ensure you have a knowledgeable agent who understands your local area. In such a busy period, it can be difficult to lock down an agent who has experience in your specific area of Sydney. This knowledge is critical in ensuring your home is priced correctly, helping you achieve the best possible sale price, especially in a short space of time.

Even if you’re thinking about selling when the market kicks off again in late January, you’ll need to start preparing soon to ensure everything is ready when the market picks up again.

Discover more selling advice here or start the conversation with one of our agents today to ensure you can secure their time over the holiday period.

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