Increasing real estate prices and a short supply of affordable property in Sydney and in many other cities all over the world has led to a renewed focus on tiny houses and small apartment living. But, while small apartment styling can be difficult, it shouldn’t have to mean compromising on style. There’s no reason small spaces can’t be both fashionable and functional.

In fact, relocating or downsizing to a small space can inspire you to think more creatively about building a stunning, yet unconventional space that draws the eye and captures the imagination. Alternatively, if you’re selling, showing buyers that spaces can be multifunctional can offer enormous advantages when it comes to maximising the value of your property.

First and foremost, small spaces need to be functional. But that doesn’t mean they can’t ooze a cosy charm while still containing all the essentials you’d look for in a larger space. Here’s how to have it all.

Create the illusion of a larger space

A small apartment needs to emanate the illusion of space. Even the largest spaces can feel cramped and busy with poor styling. Clever small apartment styling can ensure your rooms feel luxuriously spacious and minimal. An abundance of mirrors and light can help elongate your spaces, making them feel larger. Better still, place a mirror next to a window to reflect even more light throughout the room.

Try not to use curtains that are too heavy to let it the maximum amount of light in possible, and use interesting linear patterns that promote continuity in your rugs and wall art. This can help give the illusion that your spaces are larger and will create intrigue.

Add visual separation stylishly

Glass partitions are a stylish way to visually separate spaces. Small apartment styling often necessitates the creation of separate “zones”; a studio apartment, for instance, will need separate zones for living, sleeping and eating. A partition can cut off the sleeping space and create privacy in a sophisticated way.

Go monochrome

Instead of going wild with a busy colour scheme, use just the one paint colour to maximise visual flow and continuity in your small space. Consider utilising texture and tone rather than colour, by adding textured wall hangings and cushions. Install textured floors and aim to add a variety of tones in your spaces.

Or, keep your small apartment styling simple and add just one interesting feature piece, like a show-stopping statement wall art print, or a metallic table. Versatile pieces are easier to swap around and move from room to room, as you’ll inevitably do along the way when re-arranging your cosy spaces. As much as you can, keep styling simple and restrained.

Storage, storage, storage

The key to a clutter-free space when it comes to small apartment styling is ample storage. Use under-bed storage and cover it all up by adding a bed skirt. Invest in ottomans with storage inside, or you could even consider alternative options for your wardrobe like installing a floating rack on your wall as opposed to a full-size wardrobe.

Install shelving

With small apartment styling, you may need to alter your spaces so they work for you. And while this might mean the installation of shelving or racks, you’ll be grateful later down the track when you have more room to move and less clutter causing chaos in your home. Open, tall in-built shelving can serve to maximise vertical space, ensuring you use the “dead” space up high. Leg-free tv units and shelves can create more space on the floor.

Multifunctional furniture is your friend

Every single piece of furniture in a small apartment is crucial, and needs to have multiple uses. For instance, choose tables with ambiguous style, that can be used as a desk, a dining table and a dressing table. Or use an ottoman for a coffee table, as it can also be used as additional seating when you have guests over.

Small apartment living can be challenging, and if you’re downsizing or buying your first small apartment, chances are you’ll need style advice and support! To discover more about small space styling and apartment living, explore our apartment living blogs for advice.

Or, if you’re looking to buy your first small apartment or downsize to a small apartment, we can advise you on the best home to suit your lifestyle, so contact Boutique Property Agents to start the conversation.


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