Apartment living is all about making the most of a small footprint. Every square metre has to be used carefully so choosing the right apartment furniture requires some forward planning. But get it right, and you can enjoy a comfortable home without the upkeep and expense of a larger property.

The key to this is choosing the right key pieces and other fittings. Here are our favourite tips for multi-purpose and functional furniture that will make apartment living a breeze.

A good quality sofa bed

This is an obvious one if you expect to have regular visitors, or even if you want to indulge in a relaxed day at home enjoying a luxury home cinema experience.

Big, modular sofas with a built-in sofa bed option are a good choice for apartments. They mean you can seat more people and lounge around without needing any extra chairs.

Sometimes, one big piece is better than lots of little ones. This is particularly true with your dining table, sofa and bed.

Space-efficient bench seating

Robust bench seats are handy if you own a rectangular dining table, as you can keep the table against the wall for more space. If you have guests over, pull it out and utilise your bench to accommodate guests without needing lots of extra chairs.

If you can, tables and benches with built in, lockable casters will make it easier to adapt your space. A bench seat is also a handy piece to put at the end of your bed for holding your laptop, books or just putting on your shoes. Best of all, it doesn’t take up too much space.

A designated drop zone

This is really a fancy name for a well-organised entrance area. A wall hung mirror with an integrated drawer and hooks will keep your keys, wallet and spare coins within easy reach. Add a coat rack and a shoe cupboard and get in the habit of shrugging off all your outside gear before you step further into your apartment.

Modular apartment furniture

Rather than buying a bulky wardrobe, look for modular furniture such as IKEA’s Elvarli range. This range can be tailored to your space, making it a practical choice.

Include an open shelf at the bottom for shoes and a shelf at the top for bags. You’ll be surprised at how much this system will hold.

Wall-hung furniture and lighting

Keeping as much as you can off the floor in a small apartment will help it look uncluttered and make cleaning easier.

A fold-down work table and wall-mounted bedside tables work well in a smaller space. Think about your lighting, too. Wall-mounted task lighting, such as a reading light by your bed or over your couch, is more space-efficient than a floor lamp.

Double-duty apartment furniture

Practical apartment furniture includes beds with drawers underneath or a chest that you can use as a coffee table and blanket storage. Round stools that can stack or use as small coffee tables are another great buy. Putting cushions on top of a low IKEA bookshelf is a popular hack for creating a dining nook with space for cookbooks.

Multipurpose plants

The trend for indoor plants is here to stay. However, huge monsteras and fiddle-leaf figs aren’t very practical for a small space. Have a look at our recent post on creating an apartment kitchen garden. This is a great way to grow your own food while also greening up your apartment. Efficiency is everything! And hanging plants are another way to add some fresh greenery without taking up too much room.

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