It’s not every day you decide to sell your home! Selling your home can turn into a tricky time. But with a little luck and our home seller’s checklist, you’ll know just what to expect and be prepared to sell your home in no time.

Whether you’re freeing up equity, relocating or downsizing, this home seller’s checklist will ensure you avoid some of the most common mistakes people make when selling their home. This will place you in the best possible position to fetch a great price on your property.

Step 1. Do Your Research

The first step in any home seller’s checklist should be to conduct thorough market research. While there is no “right” time to buy or sell property, it does help enormously to be educated.

Seek to understand your local area, the wider market and then conduct specific research on similar property types in your area. Research what has been selling lately in your area that is as similar as possible to your home. Be sure to take in additional factors that might contribute when comparing your property with others.

Pick properties of a similar size in a similar location to yours to accurately compare. Go to house inspections, if you need to, or speak to local real estate agents.

Step 2. Preparing Your Home

Take the time and effort to present your home properly. Deal with any major issues that might stop your home from selling, such as conducting repairs or undertaking cosmetic updates, like painting your walls or updating fixtures.

Ensure you de-clutter your home before inspections. Get the carpet professionally cleaned and consider whether or not you can improve your home by hiring furniture from a staging company. Imagine your home as a blank canvas to potential buyers, which means removing any personal items from your home.

Step 3. Find an Agent

Any home seller’s checklist will tell you that finding the right agent is a crucial part of the home selling journey. The right agent will have an intimate knowledge of the local market, be a skilled negotiator and have a strong marketing plan in mind for your property.

Ideally, you also want to find an agent who genuinely cares about you and wants to do the best possible job. Therefore, assess how you would work with potential agents and ask them how they would market and sell your home. A good agent should give you a realistic valuation of your home and present a strong marketing plan on how to sell it.

Step 4. Determine Your Asking Price

Your agent will help you to determine the best asking price for your property. Try to remain realistic at this stage and take into consideration your timeframe. For instance, if you’re moving overseas and want to sell quickly, try to be open to negotiation.

 Step 5. Decide How to Market Your Property

The best agents will highlight the key selling points of your home without overwhelming buyers. They will help you find a professional photographer to capture compelling images of your home that will help it sell.

 Step 6. Be Prepared for Inspections

Having inspections at your home every weekend can be draining, but it is well worth it and with any luck, you will only have to do it a few times!

If you’re still living in your property at this time, ensure that your home is always clean and clutter-free, with no dirty clothes or lingering breakfast smells hanging around. You never know when the buyer of your home could drop by, and you don’t want to keep someone from falling in love with your home.

Step 7. Decide on a Settlement Term

Your settlement period could range from 30 to 90 days or longer and will depend on your finances and your unique situation. Again, remain realistic when negotiating and consult your agent or lawyer if you’re unsure.

 Step 8. Prepare the Contract

No home seller’s checklist would be complete without creating the contract! Your legal representative will usually create the contract for selling your home, so ensure that they understand your specific needs and requirements.

 Step 9. Find your New Home

Finally, if you need to search for a new home, now is the time to do it! Whether you’re renting or buying – or both – you’ll want to start looking immediately, if not before you finalise the sale of your home.

Hopefully, this home seller’s checklist has helped you prepare to sell your home! If you’re ready to take the plunge and put your home on the market, contact us today. We have extensive knowledge of the Sydney property market. We’ll be able to give you highly accurate guidelines on what your property is worth as well as giving you crucial information that will ensure you get the best possible price when selling.

If you’re not ready to sell yet but you’d like to learn more, browse our other selling advice blogs for more information, or find out the 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Home.

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