As the weather cools down it’s natural to spend more time at home. Which is a great excuse for updating your apartment with some new comforts and beautiful homewares that will make you enjoy being there. The latest design trends are all about creating a cosy haven, full of colour and texture, many of which look great in winter. Here are some tips for creating an inviting ambience for the cooler months ahead.

Have a good clear out

Before you add anything new, give your apartment a thorough clean. Start with a Marie Kondo style declutter, then donate or discard anything you no longer have space for. Give your bathroom and kitchen a good clean (perhaps with this homemade ‘miracle’ cleaner), and then focus on your bedroom. Vacuum your mattress, air out your pillows and quilts, and vacuum under your bed. Then celebrate your newly organised space with a bunch of winter flowers.

Prioritise your sleeping area

A good night’s sleep is essential to your health and to ensure you feel energetic and focussed throughout the day. And winter is the time of year when we naturally hibernate and rest after all the excitement and action of the summer months – particularly in Sydney.

Make your bedroom a place that promotes deep sleep with blinds and sound-proofing, a comfortable mattress, soft lighting and good-quality bedding. New sheets, perhaps in a soft flannel, will also give your bedroom a cosy winter feeling. If you want to keep things simple, just investing in a really good pillow will improve your sleep every night. Finally, add an air-purifying house plant or two – here are some that are particularly good for bedrooms.

Add some texture

Richer winter colours and textures are a design trend that has slowly taken over from the cool white and minimalism of a few years ago. Plush velvets, embroidered fabrics and rough natural linens in rich colours will make a room feel warm and inviting. New colours to look out for include rich greens and mustard golds, as well as corals and dark pinks. And look out for natural textures such as sisal, jute and hemp that are around at the moment to add a lovely rustic touch to the interiors. Don’t forget some square oversized pillows and a throw rug on your couch for movie nights, too.

Add some light

A new lamp, a string of fairy lights, or some low mood lighting is great for winter to brighten your home on darker days and to create a warm ambiance at night. A scented candle, perhaps in a spicy scent such as cinnamon, is another nice lighting touch.

Turn your bathroom into a haven

OK, so you may not be able to recreate a full spa experience here, but think about adding some new towels and maybe a bath oil and a scented candle so you can come in from the cold and warm up with a hot bath or shower.

Plant life

Plants don’t just look good, they also clean our air naturally. And in winter, when we tend to open our windows less frequently, they are great to have around. Indoor plants are now readily available from specialist plant shops and garden centres. If you haven’t done much gardening, start with one and build your way up to a few.

Botanical prints are another design trend that’s here to stay, and Australian wildflowers are worth celebrating. Etsy has a range of botanical prints to choose from – pair them with a vintage frame to really bring out their charm.

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